Cree Dalene

Welcome to my mobile cookbook! I post my tried and true recipes here, so that I’ll have easy access to them in a pinch. If you ever get tired of scrolling through slow loading sites with a bazillion ads, then you might like this.

CreeDalene.mobi(le cookbook)

My recipes are quick loading, cataloged, and proven. Unfortunately, unless you have a little cooking experience, they might not always make sense. I might put up a glossary page some day that actually explains each technique I use. For now, I still want to keep collecting the recipes I use on a regular basis.

I began cooking somewhere before twelve, and then, mostly breakfast foods. As an adult I began to experiment with different recipes and techniques I saw on kitchen shows. Eventually, I realized that the reason restaurants and great chefs seem to do so well, is because they keep it simple and rely on technique more than a ton of ingredients. So I tried that.

I’m Not a Baker

When most people first try out some of the foods I cook, it’s usually cookies or some other treat. They make the assumption that I bake. The truth to that is I can bake, and confection, but I prefer to actually cook. I love going into a kitchen and coming back 20-30 minutes later with a fully edible, beautiful plate of deliciousness.

Baking and confection both come as a sort of afterthought. They both require thought, timing, and lots of patience… the later of which I possess little.

Try It Out!

That’s it, that’s about me and my site, so give it a try!

Pan Seared Steak Meal
Pan Seared Steak, Green Beans, and a Caesar Salad