Basic Crepes

Basic Crepes
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The idea to make a basic crepes recipe came from a late night craving. I remembered that at our wedding, we served crepes as the refreshment. Additionally, whenever I made crepes in the past, I just guessed at the ingredients and started tweaking things as I went. So, I needed to write it down.

Basic Crepes Recipe

This recipe began, as most of mine do, with me analyzing what other people have put together. Then, I take the common threads from each of them, and compile a simple ingredients list. After I have my main ingredients, I look at the remaining ingredients as optional, and eliminate or add the based on flavor. Once I have that I take the tips, tricks, and techniques from every resource I can find. That, coupled with my own experience becomes the recipe.

Finally, once I have my recipe outlined, I start cooking. The final product usually takes once or twice to get it right, but once I do… mmm.


I don’t exactly know why this keeps coming up, but it seemed like every recipe had their recommended toppings. You can put whatever you like in a crepe. Whether you want to eat it as an entree, a dessert, or whatever.

Experiment with it, make a mess, and have fun playing around with your food. You might make mistakes, but then most of the greatest inventions in the world were accidents.


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