Fudge Brownie in a Mug


Fudge Brownie. During my travels I sometimes get the craziest cravings. After one such trip, I decided to put together a collection of recipes that I could make from scratch, in a single serving. The first recipe I tried claimed to make a fudge brownie in a mug. However, it tasted like dry cocoa powder. Crystal and I ate fudge brownies every day that week, until I finally found the perfect combination (Sorry Babe!).

Travel Brownie

Making these in a pinch requires a tincy bit of creative prep work. I carry the dry ingredients in a quarter cup container, and the wet stuff in a mini-Pyrex dish. Whenever I feel like a brownie, I pour the powder into the Pyrex dish. Then, I mix it up, and pop the whole thing into the nearest microwave (1200W works best).

I wouldn’t ever do this on an airplane, as it definitely might raise a few alarms. If you like to avoid complications with TSA, then I highly discourage it.

Your Recipes

What recipes do you know or might you have that you can use for travel?


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