Stir Fry Sauce

Stir Fry Sauce
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When you purchase a stir fry sauce off the shelf, you pay ridiculous amounts for almost nothing substantial (check out the ingredients). I finally managed to put together a stir fry sauce that consistently tastes great!

How To Use Stir Fry Sauce

To use this recipe, simply slice a couple of chicken breasts and grill them in a skillet. Then, throw in a handful of broccoli florets, snow peas, and sliced carrots. Afterwards, pour the sauce over the entire skillet, and allow it to simmer in the stir fry until it reaches your preferred consistency. Finally, serve it with your favorite fried rice, white rice, or noodles.

Another use for the stir fry sauce comes from making chicken fried rice. Begin by grilling a cubed chicken breast, and setting it aside. Then, fry a cup of precooked rice in a little bit of your favorite oil (restaurants tend to use sesame seed, I prefer canola). Once you have the rice ever so slightly browned, toss in peas, cubed carrots, and the cicken with a quarter cup of the sauce.

How to Store Stir Fry Sauce

Stir fry sauce keeps for about three to four days before it begins to coagulate into something resembling overcooked Jell-O. If your sauce reaches that point, it stops tasting like a better version of the restaurant sauce. I use a pint canning jar, because as hot as the sauce comes off the stove, it usually seals the jar for me. So I highly encourage and recommend that you use the sauce as you cook it, instead of storing it.

What other ways have you used Stir Fry Sauce?

*I am currently working on a recipe for ultra-low sodium soy sauce. So far I have a concept that tastes delicious, but it could still use a little tweaking.

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