Country Fried Chicken

Country Fried Chicken
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Crystal and I love country fried chicken! For the longest time, we tried making every type we could find. Baked fried chicken, Colonel Sanders imitation, Pinterest suggestions, and so many others. Over time, I began to pick up on little bits that worked. When we mixed all of it together, we came up with this recipe.

The Best Country Fried Chicken

On our crazy search for the perfect fried chicken, we tried a few places that serve good chicken. A sports grill in Gilbert, Arizona captured our attention with its delicious wings. The flavor of their sauce, somehow saturates into each wing.

Kentuky Fried Chicken Immitation

Colonel Sanders created a recipe with a few minor herbs and spices. His recipe, still used today, makes KFC a pretty okay place to eat. However, the amount of care put into each piece of chicken seems pretty far from the original recipe. Imitating KFC tastes pretty good, but it tastes like it needs something more.

Spicy Buffalo Wings

We also toyed with making just straight buffalo wings. Those taste delicious! But not everyone enjoys the unique spices in buffalo sauce. One trick we used involved making the sauce several days before the wings. Then, saturating the chicken in the sauce before breading it. It tastes great!

John Legend’s Award Winning Fried Chicken Wings

Crystal eventually stumbled upon the recipe for John Legend’s chicken wings. His wings won an award for the best recipe somewhere along the line. I studied his method thouroughly and realized that his method of using brine to marinate the chicken before breading migh actually help me get better flavor throughout.

After a few trials, I managed to get the brine to match my flavor pretty well. HINT: using my exact blend in the brine didn’t work. But adding his brine technique made the wings burst with flavor from the inside out.

Constant Improvement

Country Fried Chicken and Everyday Waffles

Whatever recipe we try to merge to improve our chicken always gives us one idea more. But the search of the perfect Country Fried Chicken continues!

What makes your favorite fried chicken special?

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